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You walk to Applejack's door, the outside is beautiful on this fine evening. You have decided to visit your favourite Filly, to see what she is up too. As you knock on the door, you can hear the clattering of pans in her kitchen, so you open the door and walk towards the noise. Applejack almost immediately halts to a stop, and see's you. She gains a massive grin on her face and eyes open so Wide, "Uncle Rick is here!" you see her running towards you and kneel down to greet her. Applejack launches from her strong back legs, which she was gifted with even as a filly, and lands into your arms and chest. You can feel her warm fur, her fast beating heart and heavy breathing. She presses her face fur and cheek fur onto you and snuggles with you as you hold her in your arms. While stroking her mane and her soft tail with your free hand. You know all of her good spots. Everywhere on her, the perfect spots to scratch. Right under her mane, you reach in and scratch, she almost starts purring. "thwanks Uncle Rick" she says smiling, still nesting her head into your chest, now facing upwards. Her chin fur tickles your outer neck as she looks at you and giggles. You decide to play a game of hide and seek, turning around as you close your eyes, you start to count. She runs off and scampers around her house. Applejack lives in a decent sized house, so you wonder how hard this may be and what you got yourself into. After counting to 20 "ready or not, hear I come" turning around, you can already see that things in the kitchen have moved. So while walking around the counter island you call out, "Oh Applejack! where are you! I can't find you... you adorable little filly!" as she responds with a little giggle, you can hear it coming from one of the cans of apples on the counter. you go over to them, and see some of her fur sticking out, as you lean over, she pop's out, eyes wide, and a big grin on her face,

"you found me!! yay!!" and just peeking over the lid, you stand there and smile at her. "it's getting Late Applejack, it's time I need to get going" you take her out the can and put her on the ground. Her face starts to tremble a little, "b..but uncle Rick, could you please just stay the night?" a lightning storm strikes out the window. Applejack, frightened, grabs onto your leg. Knowing that you have something important to get back to at home that is due soon, you say to her "ok, this one night, I shall stay with you AJ". Upon hearing this she screams with all of her lungs, "Thank you so much!" her face is wet, and her eyes are shining and sparkling from her tears. You see her and feel the need to,take her to her bed, so you do so, pulling the covers up to her face. You stroke her mane as you sit next to the bed on a chair. "what's wrong young one?" she replies; "I...I... I have been having... (lightning strikes) AHHHH!!!!" You see her cowering in fear, and move your arms around her. "don't worry, I am here for you tonight, and any other night you may need me. No matter what, through the thick and thin, I will be there for you my dear". Her tears start pouring out, making your arms wet, but she is so happy. Both of you don't care. you lie next to her, with her in your arms, and sing her a sweet lullaby. That for the rest of her life, she remembers in her heart, a song she will never forget. From the best uncle and friend, she could have ever asked for.

The end~
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All his life he watched Scootaloo grow up, hiding behind his armour to protect her from the evil of Equestria, unable to ever show his face and tell Scoots that he's been here all this time, to tell her that he too had her flight problems at a younger age, to comfort her and hold her in his arms

One fateful day all of his hopes came true, he was relieved from his position at the front, and word came through that the war was over.

His first thoughts were to rush to her side, no matter what.

As he was flying to the School, he received word from his superiors to come to the castle.

Not wanting to disobey the orders, he turned and flew to the castl.e

On arriving he was greeted by the other captains of the force, celebrating their victory, but also planning future expansions.

He was getting anxious, wanting so bad to finally see his daughter again.

The other guards saw him sweating, and asked what was wrong, he simply replied that it was just after war gitters, to put them off the track

No one in the army knew about his daughter but him, no one else knew who his wife was and what has happened to her, no one knew what he has been through to get here, to protect his daughter, as it was not allowed for a guard to have a child.

Eventually the meeting ended, he said his goodbye's and went to the school, still wearing his armour since he had no time to take it off.

But it was too late, by the time he arrived it was dark and the school was closed, not knowing exactly where she was at this time due to being out in the front for so long, he found a place to sleep nearby the school and dreamt of his meeting with his daughter.

Morning came swiftly, he slowly opened his eyes as he greeted the warmth given by the sun, his fur wet from the soft ground and his tears he let out during his sleep.

He saw her walking past, At last! He thought to himself, but saw others running up to her, so he waited for his chance outside the school.

Hours pass and no pony has come out... He can't wait much longer... And enters the school room to the shock of all ponies inside.

The teacher asks who he is, and he Replies "my name? My name is not important, it's who I am that is the most important.

"I am Scootaloo's father."

Surprise, Scootaloo by THAT1ANDONLY

I saw this image from THAT1ANDONLY and I thought I could write a short story for it :)
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1.) How old are you?

2.) How tall are you?
175 cm

3.) Can you cook?

4.) Do you have any siblings?
yes, 3 brothers

5.) Are you a Christian?

6.) What's your favorite color?
atm, orange. I also like a mixture of white and black, and I like cyan

7.) What's your favorite food?
All of them :D

8.) What are your top 3 favorite TV shows?
Wolf's Rain, Pound puppies, Fruits basket.

9.) What's your middle name?

10. Are you scared of heights?
No, I love heights! I've done some rock climbing before.

11.  What do you do in your free time? 
Play games, Think of my beautiful wonderful girlfriend :iconlunadragoncat: , chat with friends, watch you tube.

12. Have you ever gotten bullied? If so, what was it like for you?
No, I was the one stopping others being bullied in school, as the bullies wouldn't mess with me. Some tried to fight me, but lost.

13. Have you ever almost lost someone you love?
More then almost, I lost my pet who has been with me since I could remember.

14. What do you use to draw your art on/do you write fics?
I do write fics from time to time, many are in private for my friends. They always love my use of words.

15. Are you currently in a relationship with anyone?
Yes, :iconlunadragoncat: She's the most special girl in the world.

Alright, now some people to be tagged xD (I apologise if you've already been tagged with one of these! There is no obligation to do it of course!) And if so, you don't even have to answer all of them :)

:iconbandy14: :iconlunaroyalguard: :iconicecream6789: :iconvioletpone: :iconlunadragoncat: :icontime-lord10: :iconflareblitzfury: :iconroyalrick: :iconnaglfar94:

There we go x3 ..... Sorry! xD P.S. I changed some of the questions to be relevant to me, I suggest the same to you, the original one is elsewhere. Only changed like 3 though!Featured By Owner
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Hey guys!

So 3 days ago on a Saturday I went to a doctor to have a check up on a pain that I had in the front left of my abdomen. He made me do the usual things and tested my urine to see if there was any blood in it. Giving me a note to take to the hospital, I was concerned what that meant. Dad had taken me, and so he had suggested I go to the hospital now, so we did. Went to the front desk at the emergency section, and they took my details, made me do another urine sample, and I was called quickly to room 13 on the lower floor. The nurse there asked me questions on the pains I had. (it was so weird, like every person I saw working there was all female, so so many females of all ages! the Men were doctors who only talked about what treatment I needed and such, and the men were the janitors, but the woman are the ones who did all my things and appeared to do all the actual hospital work! And to think, the media is like "Woman need more work instead of men because they don't have any" pffft) So yeah, she went over my details, tested my blood pressure and heart rate, which is all perfect and good. they did this test quite often, like multiple times a day, and also during the night. (so they'd wake you up for a midnight test and such) So she went away to discuss what is wrong with me, and people came back telling me it could be three things: Kidney stones, gall stones and something else. Three types of scans were suggested. Catscan, CT, ect. (this was also after another nurse had come in and started touching my ball sack to see if there was any lumps or irregularities there, a female mind you, she almost did it with her eyes closed because she didn't seem to want to do it, I didn't mind, I know that they need to check all things just in case, and if I had a lump or something there that was not meant to be there, it'd be better to know)

I chose the CTscan, and waited for about a hour before being taken in to the machine. Was quite interesting being exposed to radiation, but luckily this one is on the lower end of it, so not too bad effects on me. really being effected at all in unlikely so I was ok with it. Afterwards, was taken back to my room, and they said that I could have one of two things from the results. A twisting of the colon, or fat cells in the colon expanding and pushing to the edges which was causing my pain. Ended up being that they determined I had "Diverticular disease". So they put the drip needle in me (sheesh that hurt going in) And hooked me up to some IV to stop dehydration. It's water and electrolytes pumped right into your bloodstream.

My dad was with me through this and had no idea that I would be staying over night. He got sooooo worried when the nurse said I would be, and complained that she didn't tell us earlier on (we were waiting for like 5 hours before I was taken upstairs to stay over night) It was about now that they had a bed open, and my mom arrived. She brought me my tablet to pass time with and I spent a lot of time on my mobile. They followed me upstairs to my room above... which funnily was also in room 12-15, and I was in bed 13! xD

They had left, and I was put on antibiotics. had that thing constantly dripping into my arm for what felt like forever, the only time it really hurt though was when they put the 4 hour drip really strong antibiotic on, had that once a day. Fortunately the 2nd time they did that one I managed to sleep for 3 hours.

So there I was, lying in a bed for hours and hours, with nurses constantly checking on me, watching what I could on the tv they had setup. could only move my right arm as the drip was in the left one, had to keep that arm straight and perfectly facing upwards for the entire time. The IV makes you go to the toilet a lot, but since I could move, I didn't get that thing in me, and had to keep getting up with my portable thing, moving it to the toilet before I could go, had to go like 46 times over my course there because that makes you want to go almost every 30mins xD.

Had some others in there with me, The lady across from my bed complained a lot to the nurses, telling them she wanted to go home and such. She nearly pulled the things out of her arm and everything just to get the nurses to come see her. The doctors didn't want to send her home as she had some serious issues, but she was tired of the noise and pain they were putting her through. eventually they let her go later on in the day. As they are legally not allowed to hold people against their will. Guy across from me had his birthday at the hospital, so they allowed his wife and kids to visit them before visiting hours and stay for 7 hours till he could get up and leave. Problem there was the parents got sooo angry at the kids touching things and screaming and yelling. Cause others were in the room who were trying to sleep - as they were in much worse condition them he was. guy diagonally from me had the tubes in all parts of him, nose and toilet area's ect. He looked bad but seemed to be fighting what was wrong, and holding on. He needed sleep more then any of us, luckily the kids didn't seem to bother him as much as I did constantly see him sleeping. (the kids even pressed the "call nurse for emergency button", the swearing from the parents got bad then)

I didn't sleep much at all the first night, having only gotten one hour of sleep, and 24+ hours of no food or drink, I got cranky xD. My family came to visit me as it was my younger brothers birthday, I got to say happy birthday to him which was nice, and they stayed awhile by my side. of course it's boring for them so I knew they wouldn't be long, and left me and my mom there. She stayed with me for hours and kept me company. Which was great. They all feared my time there and were so worried. After my mom left, they started giving me extra things. I had an injection in my belly, and one in both legs to help stop blood clotting, was given pressure socks to help with that too. they took blood from my right arm as well. my first meal there was free fluids, non solid foods. It was great to get to eat something I gulfed it all down so quickly xD

Hospital food is pretty good. before I left they gave me some beef lasagne and custard with peaches. The others in the room who were healthier got a choice of their meal (I was always only given what the doc's said I could have)

3 days of pain being there, hardly any sleep, so much pumped into me.

Finally able to leave after all that, 3500 mils of IV and 2000 mils of an assortment of antibiotics inside me, I waited for about 6 hours for them to get the paperwork ready. Another doctor came into my room, and said his diagnosis for me was that I had elliptical appendagitis, instead of the first diagnosis of diverticular. So I had to sign something that gave them conscent to do a colonoscopy in 6-8weeks. That will determine what is truly up with my insides, and something for me to look forward too. if it's the first one, that means that I just need to be on pain killers for a good while. If it's the latter, I need to go back in and be monitored, and eat a lot more fibre.

All I know is, I am glad to be home, glad to not be in intense pain, and glad to finally be able to sleep for an extended period of time.

I'll be around where I can, just having to recover for now!

and btw

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Rainbow Dash will always be my best pony. She's awesome, and loyal, cute, compassionate, always thinks of others, has learnt to put her ego aside and has learnt humility, she's a smart pony who can also monitor everything around her when she's in flight, and been proven to be the best flier in Equestria. Dash had even lead teams and proven that she can be a leader.

Then, a episode about her is written by a writer who has not written anything beforehand for six years(and what he did write was a bad show no one watched), a writer who basically wrote a episode with her as if she was her Season 1 self, as if she has learnt nothing, as if she is somehow not the best flier, knew nothing, like they made her retarded for plot purposes.

So many fans of Dash I have talked to dislike this episode. Her impersonations she made of the others were parts that so many had to either skip or not watch. Back in S5 they did it right, this? The opposite.

I had a talk with a friend, who made me realise that, no matter what happens in S6, we will always have the past seasons to watch, we will always have our friendships. So I know that, no matter how much they try and ruin my best pony, I can discard all of it. I'm still a pony fan, and I am still going to be watching S1-5, but Not watching anymore of this new season or any more new seasons afterwards (with many thinking that either this is the last season, or that the next seasons to come will feature totally a new mane 6 cast)

For a quick Review on the episode by someone who touches on many of the points as to what Newbie Dash did wrong… Go to this link (warning, slightly offensive language)

He touches on the fact that this episode has a moral you want no one to learn. ever. And more as to why Rainbow's IQ has dropped massively.

There is many with the same feelings and thoughts, and more:
CronoM from the Derpibooru forums:
-The nickname is also an insult
-It was an insult to remind her of her failure
-They didn’t mention the ’nickname always being an insult’ tradition right off the bat
-Rainbow Dash made it quite clear she didn’t like being called that, and was visibly extremely uncomfortable while being called that
-For the most part they used that ’nickname’ while laughing at her face and snickering behind her back
-There is a massive difference between laughing with a person and laughing at a person. For the light-hearted explanation for the nickname tradition to be even the slightest bit truthful and innocent, all the wonderbolts would have be so unbelievably socially inept that they don’t know the difference

It once again show's the Wonderbolts being jerks, and uses excuses as to why they can be allowed to be like jerks.

Just had to get this off my chest.

To all of you out there, I hope you can continue to enjoy the show I still love, for a long time coming :)
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It's Mother's day over here in Australia, so nice to have a break from my studies and spend the time with my mom :)

Hope you all are having a great day out there!

I got her a cute bear xD

and just because:

LunaDragonCat Lunatwisentry Icecream6789 

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Finally got to see it at the Cinema's and SHEESH

The Animation so good

the story so good


and the Bunny and Fox combo they had going is such a sweet and cute couple!
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For Goremise by redsprite14
The very first pic example of my oc that I created forever ago :D

Made by redsprite14 and his sister! Thank you!

I would have posted a Journal thanks before, but still don't have internet back yet at the house x3 Any moment I know my data is going to run out and will have to wait for it.

Still, it's great to see me ocified xD
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Being Aussie, I find it fun that most of the April fools stuff happens while I am either asleep, or the day after.

As it's already more then half way through April 2nd xD

Still, It's good to see some of ya's still getting some enjoyment from the day ^^

yesterday on the day here, my mom texted a message to me, and being her I instantly thought she was serious. Only to realise later that she pulled her first prank ever on me x3

Was almost speechless.
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Hello Watchers! :)

Built a chookhouse today because my mom got some free chicks for us, and we needed a place for them to stay.

Had a wood shelf we we're not using, some tarp, and already had a bunch of fencing. So I took the wood shelf a part, and me and my mom put this together:

Untitled by Goremise

Love me some hard work and labour ^^
Tiny chicks by Goremise
All for these 5 cute little things.

Was good to do it for her, and she helped me where she could. my mom's reaching her older ages now and her leg deals her a lot of pain to stand on, so I help her and bring her as much joy as I can. We've also just moved and the Government is hounding on her to get a job, so been trying to be there for her as much as I can these past few days :)

Hope you all are having a good day!
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A time of joy and celebration! Of eating chocolate eggs and things~

And for many of us, a time for Celebrating the Lord's gift to all of us, Jesus sacrificing Himself to save us all from our sins.

Have a happy Easter everyone! ^^
Also I defend people who have suffered sexual abuse, and who are trying to fight against the allowing of transgender people to enter whatever toilets they want to. Thousands of woman and some men have been sexually abused, and need to be up a fight to prevent this from happening further or easier for the offenders who just say they are what they are not, in order to get into the other bathrooms and abuse the opposite sex. Men are men and woman are woman, we are of 2 genders, nothing more. If you have the tool, then go to the right toilet. Only if you have had a physical change should people be allowed to use the other toilets.… For Reference to my first Paragraph.

And on the case of Traditional marriage; I am a firm believer that having true family's is one of the best ways forward that a nation can undertake. Every case of gay/lesbian couples has lowered the economic output of the country's that they are in. It's all out their, the statistics are not that hard to find. Children have a right to be able to have a mother and a father, that is not something that we as a human race should have ever denied them. Procreation is the way of life as it always has been, with life comes new life, which pushes the world forward. I know that one of the only reasons this fight even exists today is because we have a lot of people currently alive, who are still normal people continuing to spread true love amongst each other and procreating. Children are our future after all, and this is something that would obviously effect smaller towns a lot more if people suddenly stopped procreating because they decided they were not straight. natural marriage and sex will always be a part of life and should never be altered or changed. Yet, peoples who support it in America now have to stand up to courts and be punished for their beliefs. A Baker was charged nearly 200 thousand dollars just because they didn't want to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding? How is that fair to the nation, to have new illegitimate laws put in place that takes your freedom of choice away. Other peoples beliefs are being forced down peoples throats and you have to abide by what these 5 people in the supreme court says or your life is over. Me, as being a Christian myself, I know that the last thing people want me to do is try and force them to turn Christian, I make sure to respect others and hold myself back for many people's cases, and my Christian friends is who I often can discuss Christ with.

There is also facts about increasing incurable diseases which is causing more deaths then it has ever before, caused by things that are in our digestive system, that is passed through acts involving that area. This is effecting men all across America. And is in fact one of the reasons gay people are not allowed to donate blood, as they have a much higher chance of having this deadly incurable disease.

In fact, I am even hearing and seeing gay/lesbian people hating the LGBT community for what they are doing, since before all this happened they used to live in peace without worry. I mean, this whole thing was so much less talked about or noticed before the American law had come into place. Many people were just going about their business doing what they wanted to do, but now are exposed. I mean, I myself took no notice for it and didn't mind it anywhere near as much, till I saw it start stripping Christians and non Christians of their belief's and rights, and forcing them to follow laws which goes against what they believe in.  There is even this:… Which is a rather interesting site.

Just thought I had to say my 2cents, now that change is hopefully coming. If the defence act comes into place their will be much less grief over what is currently happening, as it will protect people and allow them to believe what they want to again without consequences.  I leave with this:…

Wish you a happy new year everyone! I hope you all have some good plans!
I hope most of you out there are having a good holiday, and enjoying time with your family :)

It's so good to have Pony Christmas songs to play this year too ^^

Merry Christmas everyone!
I should start doing more here!

Hope you all have a wonderful new year everyone!
Wolf in the winter by Alkaa-Wolf
hey, it's not all pony art! and this wolf is amazing! such a great pic! the details, the lighting, the fur!

a warm night by CSImadmax
what a warming to the heart pic, two sisters, side by side, sleeping and keeping each other warm, you can just feel the kindness of their pure hearts resonating, pics like these means a lot to me and many others, whenever your down, and not feeling well, theres a pony pic for everyone, that they hold special to them.
just Luna by Yakovlev-vad
Best Princess, nuff said? Luna is one mysterious Character. with such a deep background and past, that you just can't help but love her
FlyerDash by Yakovlev-vad
My Favourite pic on Dev-art, Best pony Dash, on a awesome Bike! nothing beats that! this futuristic setting, the artwork and detail is so great. words don't do it justice.
RAWR by aymint
and Finaly, my Avatar, a pic that has stayed with me all over the place, that I use everywhere, so Kawai and cure, and warmed up the coldest of hearts, It makes everyone I show it to, smile.